Saturday, February 28, 2015

So Close...Yet So Far Away

The dates are set!  Our closing date is scheduled for March 31st and our Home Orientation is March 26th.  I can't wait!  

The house is looking so good.  The electric is on and all of the light fixtures are installed. HVAC is installed.  It was nice to go into the house and it not be freezing.  Our tan brown granite looks great.  That was the only option that I was unsure about.  The majority of people get light counter tops, like Santa Cecilia, with White or Hazelnut Glaze cabinets.  It was a gamble, but we absolutely love the combination. I was taking everything in, so I didn't get many photos.
Guardian was at the house doing final installation of our selections.
All siding is on and we have some shutters!  All of our stone is piled up out front.  Can't wait to see it installed!

Just a little messy.
1st Floor Full bath
Hall Bath

Master Bath
Soap dish was installed when our selection is to delete. Hopefully it's not to hard to remove.  Everything looks so good.

Surround sound installed!
Laundry Room
Attic stairs
First Floor Bedroom

Monday, February 16, 2015

Loving Our Exterior Selections

We stopped by the house yesterday and a lot of work has taken place!  The interior has been painted, the cabinets are in the kitchen and baths, and all the doors have been installed!  The staircase railings are in and look great.  I love the look.  The exterior siding is getting installed.  The combination of Graphite Gray and Natural Almond is very pretty.  I can't wait to see it all installed with the Autumn Ledgestone. 
Exterior is a work in progress.  Graphite Gray siding on the sides and back of house is complete.
Very nice garage door.  The door for our elevation has curved glass at the top and more carriage hardware.  See next pic. My husband thinks there may be a piece of white vinyl that snaps over the glass to give it the curved look. 

Dining Room
Kitchen cabinets!
1st Floor Full Bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bath Vanity
Bonus Room
Hall Bath
Attic Staircase
Family Room/Kitchen.  Fireplace mantel and slate installed!
View from the front door.  The home to the left is a Courtland Gate.  They should be closing very soon.  I believe that the home to the right of the CG is a Ravenna.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


All drywall is now hung at the house!  Drywall started on Friday.  The pictures below were taken on Sunday. Everything is coming along nicely.  Siding will start getting installed on Friday.  Our PM told us that they will install our kitchen cabinets next week!  The dormer roof will get installed soon.  We chose charcoal for the aluminum roof color.  The garage door got installed today. No more checking out the house!

Morning Room
Bonus Room

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our pre-drywall meeting.  Drywall will already be getting installed as we are attending the meeting.  Is that normal?  In all fairness, our PM asked if we could come today, but we weren't available until tomorrow.  I really wanted to get an inspection done, but I just didn't have enough notice or time to schedule it.  I'm hoping that everything was done correctly.  I will make sure that we get a third party  inspection done prior to closing. 

On another note, we had another mortgage lender run all the numbers with all of the figures given by NVR and guess what...even without including the $15000 in closing help we would have to bring less money to closing, our interest rate and payment would be lower.  Does that even make sense?  Has anyone found this to be the case?  I thought that the closing help was an incentive to lower our cash outlay...