Saturday, February 28, 2015

So Close...Yet So Far Away

The dates are set!  Our closing date is scheduled for March 31st and our Home Orientation is March 26th.  I can't wait!  

The house is looking so good.  The electric is on and all of the light fixtures are installed. HVAC is installed.  It was nice to go into the house and it not be freezing.  Our tan brown granite looks great.  That was the only option that I was unsure about.  The majority of people get light counter tops, like Santa Cecilia, with White or Hazelnut Glaze cabinets.  It was a gamble, but we absolutely love the combination. I was taking everything in, so I didn't get many photos.
Guardian was at the house doing final installation of our selections.
All siding is on and we have some shutters!  All of our stone is piled up out front.  Can't wait to see it installed!

Just a little messy.
1st Floor Full bath
Hall Bath

Master Bath
Soap dish was installed when our selection is to delete. Hopefully it's not to hard to remove.  Everything looks so good.

Surround sound installed!
Laundry Room
Attic stairs
First Floor Bedroom


  1. Christina, I am in love! I really like that you guys went with the tan/brown granite because it is different but looks great with the cabinets. I liked Santa Cecelia as well, but agree that everyone does it so much that I wanted to be different. Doesn't mean it isn't gorgeous because it was definitely my first choice. And your bathroom! YAY! I love it! We chose that tile as well and I can't wait to see it in person. I really like your dark cabinets with the grey whereas we went with white cabinets. Part of me wonders how much I will actually like the white with the gray because the dark brown is gorgeous every time I see it! Anyway, congrats! I'm so excited for you guys. Such a beautiful home.

    1. Thanks, MIchelle! I am about to head over there now. I"m hoping that I can get a better view of the counters without all of the junk on top. lol. I'm sure that the white will look great in the bathroom as well. You are going to love the tile. It looks great in person.