Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our First Time Inside

I had a nice treat on Thursday.  On my way to work, I did a drive by to see if there was anything new going on at the house.  Our PM was there and asked me if I wanted to come in and take a look around!  Of course, I said yes!  See pictures of the progress below!  Yesterday, the PM called my husband to ask him to stop by the house and confirm the location of the non-standard electrical outlets and rough-ins.  It was great to pick the exact location we wanted for the dedicated circuit in the garage, wall sconces, on the family room floor, etc.  I thought that the meeting was for pre-drywall, but we aren't at that stage yet. 

The HVAC was completed on Thursday and the plumbing on Friday.  The electricians are starting on Monday and will be there until Wednesday.  Guardian called and scheduled a meeting for Wednesday morning.  They will do their wiring on Thursday.  Exterior siding and stone are still a couple of weeks out. 

We were just told yesterday, by our PM, that Ryan will not delete the window in the attic due to code.  I don't know what we are going to use the attic for now.  Our TV, and the surround sound purchased from Guardian, were going to go where the window is located.  This was on our final change order and should have been caught by corporate during their final review.  We can't delete the attic or get our money back from Guardian.  We potentially wouldn't have wanted the attic if we had known.   Now it is just another space, but what it's purpose will be I don't know.  We didn't spend that amount of money for another kids space or "family room" space.  We are going to talk to our realtor about what can be done at this point.

Other than that, I am happy with the progress of the house and our PM.  He has been great about being on top of things and answering our questions.

Coming along!  We are missing the dormer on the roof and roofing over the bonus room windows.  Our PM told us the subcontractors doing the roof will be back to install.
The ceiling height of this garage is outstanding! 
Family Room with fireplace!
View from Family Room looking at office/full bath/bedroom - HVAC installed!

1st Floor front bedroom.  Orange marks on the studs show where our foyer sconce rough-ins will be installed.
First floor full bath - standing in front bedroom.  Office in the back.
Dining Room
Master Bedroom with coffered ceiling
Master Bedroom - looking in from bonus room
Bonus Room
Bedroom #2 - Daughter's room
Bedroom #3 - Son's Room
Attic looking towards the stairs
Attic closet
Attic - Nice view, but not what we wanted.  That window takes up the entire wall!
Standing in front of second floor storage/linen closet.  Bedroom #2 on left and #3 on right.
Basement looking into unfinished storage "media room".  We are using that space for exercise/sports training/kids rough play.  It's about 19'x25'.

Back area of unfinished "media room" under morning room

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are they working 24 hours a day?

I can't believe how much progress they have made in such a short amount of time!  Seeing our home framed, with windows and a roof is so exciting.  It's finally feeling like we are actually buying a new home and will be moving soon.  It didn't feel real until we saw the house today. 

The concern with the garage turned out to be a non issue.  It looks exactly as it should.  The windows in the bonus room got a 2' bump out, not the entire room.  Without the 2' garage extension, the windows in the bonus room are flush with the wall.  There is a cut out, in the attic, where the window would have been installed.  We decided to delete this window, because the space is going to be used as a theater/"man cave".  I'm not sure if they forgot to delete the window or if they are using the opening for light until the house has electric.  They didn't install a window here, so it looks like we are okay. 

Now it's time to start looking at interior lighting,washing machines, furniture, etc!  Yes!  Thankfully, we don't have much furniture to buy.  We did get a lot of ceiling fan and light rough-ins, so I want to find some unique fixtures for the house.  The entry will have two sconce rough-ins, so I think that is where my search will start. 

Happy home building everyone!

Roof getting installed!

This is as far as I could get into the backyard without ruining my shoes!  I will get a picture with both family room windows eventually.  This was my first time seeing the fireplace bump out.  We can't see it from the side street.

Looking good!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Framing Pics!

It's starting to actually look like a house!

  Added side bedroom windows on the right side! The kids were excited to know that those window openings belonged to their rooms.

 We got the 2' garage extension and I'm a little concern as to what the plan is for the esthetic look of the garage roof line.  Normally, when you get a 2' extension and a bonus room they add a 2' bump out to your bonus room.  It doesn't appear that they did that for us.  We have to call the PM and ask. It looks a little strange to me.

Rear View! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

PM Update

Our project manager called today to tell us that they are done with our foundation and have started to frame.  I haven't been by the lot to see the progress, but I can't wait!  He said that they are done with the basement level and are starting the first floor.  I need to get over there, so that I can take some pictures!  We should be done with framing by the end of next week.

The PM said that the workers went home at noon today due to the FREEZING cold weather.  It was SO COLD today.  I can barely stand to walk from my car to my office door.  I don't know how they work all day out in the elements especially on days as cold as today.  I'm glad they were able to go home early.  Hopefully, temperatures will creep above freezing so that our framing and home building schedule can stay on track.  Here's to wishful thinking.  Snow and Freezing Temps.....Stay Away!!!

I will post some progress pictures real soon.