Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home Orientation & Inspection Complete!

Today was our Ryan home orientation and third party inspection.  Both went very well.  The home orientation lasted for about two hours.  Our PM went over every aspect of the new home.  I feel comfortable with everything.  We were left with a lot of manuals and a large binder with tons of information related to our home.  After the orientation, we had our own inspection done. There were no issues inside the home!  On the exterior, the inspector had a few comments regarding downspouts and flexispouts being further away from the house.  He also said that with new construction you can get sink holes in the soil around the foundation overtime, so make sure that we have someone come back and tamp down around the foundation to compact the soil.

Here are a few pictures from today.  I'm going to take more photos on Tuesday. Closing Day!!!!  There were still a few things that needed touched up.


  1. LOVE the hardwoods throughout! And such a difference those recessed lights make. It looks beautiful. So excited for you! And the ORB! So pretty!!

  2. You have a gorgeous home. Congrats!!

  3. Your home looks so beautiful! Congrats!!