Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clear to Close...12 Days to Go

NVR called and said that we are clear to close!  No additional documentation needed!  That is great news.   The loan officer said that he will do a final credit pull 10 days, or less, prior to settlement to ensure there is no new debt and no change to the credit score.  Other than that, all of our conditions have been met!

There has been loads of progress made at the house.  They are mainly focusing on the exterior at this point.  The exterior paint needs to be done, the stone needs to be completed, a couple of shutters are missing, grading, landscaping, etc.  Our PM said that stone was being completed today.  Here are a few pictures of progress to date.


  1. I want your driveway. Ours is gonna be short and we will have to store our RV elsewhere. Blah!! :(((

    1. I'm sorry! I think it's too long, but I don't have an RV. How is everything going?

  2. Is it just me or is your front yard HUGE?