Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Construction has begun!

Ground has been broken and our Verona is officially becoming a reality!  We have finalized our selections, our loan has been approved, and our pre-construction meeting took place on 11/21.  We love the lot our home is being built on.  It's 1.16 acres with trees to the left and right of the house.  We will have neighbors across the street, but not next door.  Lots of side yard!  The PM said that our home will be finished around March 15th.  This is such an exciting time for our family!


  1. Good luck and congrats! I tried to add your blog to my list but I cant. It wont allow me to. Weird, huh? Anyhow, your lot is MASSIVE! Our lot is maybe 1/5th of that. Enjoy this journey!

  2. I am soo excited I at how quickly this is progressing. The weather has been quite cooperative too. Go! Go! Go!