Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yes...Here we go!

I drove by the lot today and there was a lot of progress being made.  The basement forms were half way installed.  I'm thinking that by the end of the weekend our basement foundation and waterproofing should be complete.  We were surprised that our wood has already been delivered.  There is wood in front of the lot, on the street (picture below), and two additional pallets of wood on the lot.  That's a lot of wood!  I can't believe that all of that wood will be our future home. 

 Wood with #56 written on it!


  1. Congrats! I am a VA native building a Courtland Gate in PA :) They are predicting a closing date at the end of March for us but I feel that it will be a lot sooner.

  2. Thanks! Congrats on your Courtland Gate! I will definitely follow your progress. I was told that our closing date will be the first week of April, so our timelines are pretty close.
    Thanks for checking out my blog!