Sunday, December 21, 2014


 More Progress....

 Taken from the street.  Our future garage on the left!

I can just picture the future walk out patio door and two small windows!  One window is located next to the sliding glass door and one will be located in unfinished area (right side).  Our neighbor's home is going up across the street.  It's amazing that they just started framing that house a day prior to taking that picture.  

I can't believe that is our basement.  We plan on using the main area of the basement as a hang out area with TV, pool table, and eating area.  We'd like to add a bar to the main area as well.  It will take some creativity.  The main area isn't very large.  There are two large unfinished areas.  We are using the largest space as a gym space for working out and "rough" play area for the kids.  The other unfinished area will be used for storage.  We didn't get the full bath in the basement, but we did get the plumbing rough in.  We'll be adding the bath down the road.  

 Guardian is doing same wall HDMI wiring for TV in the same location as the picture above.  We are also getting another same wall HDMI connection in the center of the far wall with the small window.  The plan is to put a smaller TV on this wall for watching football etc while playing pool/cards/etc.  I'm not 100% on having a TV on that wall.  Guardian said that we can move our wiring selections anywhere in the house, so that location may change.  We just have to let them know when we meet pre-install if there are any changes.  

I really hope that my next post involves a lot of wood!


  1. nice progress. moving right along!! your land looks beautiful.

  2. How exciting!!! We are also thrilled about what possibilities await as we're building a RH with a basement. We toured homes with a finished attic and a basement. Hands down the basement was more functional for our family needs. Good luck on the process. You're a bit ahead of where we are at this time but feel free to also follow along as we build our Milan:)

    1. Hi LaRon. I really like the Milan floor plan. The basement definitely gives you much more space than the attic. An incentive for our community was an included basement. The attic was definitely a splurge and is only going to be functional as a man cave - huge tv, surround sound, mini fridge, cards, possible pool table...get the picture. :) Hubby can't wait for it. Thanks for the comment. I'll be following all of your progress real soon!