Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are they working 24 hours a day?

I can't believe how much progress they have made in such a short amount of time!  Seeing our home framed, with windows and a roof is so exciting.  It's finally feeling like we are actually buying a new home and will be moving soon.  It didn't feel real until we saw the house today. 

The concern with the garage turned out to be a non issue.  It looks exactly as it should.  The windows in the bonus room got a 2' bump out, not the entire room.  Without the 2' garage extension, the windows in the bonus room are flush with the wall.  There is a cut out, in the attic, where the window would have been installed.  We decided to delete this window, because the space is going to be used as a theater/"man cave".  I'm not sure if they forgot to delete the window or if they are using the opening for light until the house has electric.  They didn't install a window here, so it looks like we are okay. 

Now it's time to start looking at interior lighting,washing machines, furniture, etc!  Yes!  Thankfully, we don't have much furniture to buy.  We did get a lot of ceiling fan and light rough-ins, so I want to find some unique fixtures for the house.  The entry will have two sconce rough-ins, so I think that is where my search will start. 

Happy home building everyone!

Roof getting installed!

This is as far as I could get into the backyard without ruining my shoes!  I will get a picture with both family room windows eventually.  This was my first time seeing the fireplace bump out.  We can't see it from the side street.

Looking good!


  1. Opening is to boom in drywall....looks great!

  2. Hi Brandon. Thank you! Things were moving pretty slow at the foundation stage. That was fine with us. The pace has really picked up since framing began. The next meeting will be pre-drywall...not sure how far out we are from that. I'm sure we'll get a call soon. We are so excited!

  3. Looks great Christina!! Very exciting step. I can't wait to get to that point too. I hear ya on ruining shoes. Haha. Twice I've come home cleaning a trendy pair of boots just walking our lot. ;-)

    1. Yes, but it's worth it! Lol You will be there very soon!