Thursday, January 8, 2015

PM Update

Our project manager called today to tell us that they are done with our foundation and have started to frame.  I haven't been by the lot to see the progress, but I can't wait!  He said that they are done with the basement level and are starting the first floor.  I need to get over there, so that I can take some pictures!  We should be done with framing by the end of next week.

The PM said that the workers went home at noon today due to the FREEZING cold weather.  It was SO COLD today.  I can barely stand to walk from my car to my office door.  I don't know how they work all day out in the elements especially on days as cold as today.  I'm glad they were able to go home early.  Hopefully, temperatures will creep above freezing so that our framing and home building schedule can stay on track.  Here's to wishful thinking.  Snow and Freezing Temps.....Stay Away!!!

I will post some progress pictures real soon.

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