Saturday, January 10, 2015

Framing Pics!

It's starting to actually look like a house!

  Added side bedroom windows on the right side! The kids were excited to know that those window openings belonged to their rooms.

 We got the 2' garage extension and I'm a little concern as to what the plan is for the esthetic look of the garage roof line.  Normally, when you get a 2' extension and a bonus room they add a 2' bump out to your bonus room.  It doesn't appear that they did that for us.  We have to call the PM and ask. It looks a little strange to me.

Rear View! 

1 comment:

  1. Looking great!! Its so exciting.

    Def ask about why the bump out didnt extend from top to bottom on house. Many bloggers in the past did NOT ask and it ended up wrong, people make mistakes so never be afraid to ask.

    Gesh the messes up the front of our elevation and I kept asking, they always said nothing was wrong, it wasnt until about 2 months after in the house, I finally said something is WRONG. I found a pic of my elevation, took it to my SR/PM and guess what. It was WRONG and they had to tear it apart and fix it and it has been fixed 3 more times now due to water leaking in.

    Moral of story is something feels off to you, follow your gut :)